Pipes and fittings are prefabricated according drawings and customer’s material specifications. Licensed welders performing any welding according to approved welding procedures (WPS). Welded joints are ground to base material level before the rubber coating to achieve the best adhesion and avoid extra abrasion on rough surfaces.

Depending on requirements, we perform control with the applicable NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

Rubber lining
We use raw rubber hardness according to technical requirements; production takes place with well-established European companies. After internal sandblasting and rubber coating takes hot vulcanization in autoclave (max length 12 m). Own laboratory performed the control and verification of the technical specifications.

All controls are documented by protocols, verified acc. customer requirements.

Rubber lined pipes and fittings are treated outside according prescribed demands on corrosion protection. The customer’s corrosion protection program is applied and documented in the protocol. Our products are in use at LKAB and Boliden (inter alia).